Comic Improvement

Between now and the first of April, along with the semi-regular updates, going to be asking you the readers your opinion on improving the quality of the comic. Have been making note on any suggestions and also encourage everyone to give me suggestions of other areas that may need improving. Thank you and muffins forever!

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Motivational Fan Art Contest!

He everyone. With season 4 coming to an end in the next few comics, and D.D.S.R.'s 4 year anniversary, thought it was time to do something. And that thing is a kind of fan art contest. I know I tried this before and did not get much of a turn out, but here's the deal: The fan art must be in the form of a motivational poster, and must deal with Cedrick in some way. Will make a post in the forums, though the end date would be Dec.13 of this year (which happens to be the day before the anniversary. then during that week, will post the top 5 that I liked throughout the week, and all others and the top five will be posted in a section on the site for all to see.

This is the site I use to make the motivational comics I have made thus far, so feel free to us it. PM me for questions and submissions. Thank you for participating.

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Losing the Internets!

Keeping it simple, am moving and won't have internet access for a while, a month at most. So, planing on on more update before then. In the mean time, I want to take to time to make a buffer of... hmmm, 3 times 4, pluse 1 or 2... between 12-14 comics (though with how i am, might be lucky to have 3 done ^ ^) Well, just wanted to say, appreciate all of the support, and well see you guys in May.

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Buck for a Cup

Well, have thought about putting a donation button, so did it. The idea is that if anyone likes the comic and happens to have a buck (since that's what I pre-set it to be), and have a paypal account,just click on the link on the Buck for a Cup page.
The money will pretty much go to keeping this comics donator status for the most part, which means giving back to SmackJeeves. If you like what you see, feel free to treat me to a cup!

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Evil is in Control

Greetings Peons, I, Malice, also known as Evil Lanz, Have taken over this pathetic shame of a comic as my first step towards world destruction and conquest!

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Heroic D has Landed

Check it out

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A Cedrick Plushy?

Hey guys. When I started posting DDSR online, never seriously thought of doing merchandise until just resently. One of the things I am thinking of going is a Chibi Cedrick Plushy. Nothing has been done as far as talk and a few sketches, and since this is not a very big comic, not expecting to be making a bunch of these. Maybe give them out as pizes or something. We'll see.

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Short Break

Hey guys, know I have been away for 2 weeks, but am going to the bay area, San Jose CA to be more specific, of my cousins webbing and a convention (Fanime).Don't go to conventions too often, ( really my first real one) So if you see a Black mage wondering around on Friday, feel free to hug the guy, there is a good chance that might be me. Anyways, won't be back till late the 27.
I see if I can have a comic up on Monday, and will get back to the normal 3 day a week (maybe an extra one a week cause I love you guys) and will try to keep this pace up till school starts back up.

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